111 Broadway Avenue,

Palmerston North 4410

TEL (06) 3584174

We know you spend a lot of money on clothes, and want to get the most out of your wardrobe.  Where we don't believe in gimmicks like discount vouchers to 'special' customers, but we do believe in everyday lower prices for all!

So if you have something that looks great, but doesn’t quite fit perfectly, bring it in to us. We can alter a dress or even tailor a suit in Palmerston North for that special occasion – including your wedding!


When you need dress alterations in

Palmerston North, bring it in and put it on!

Our staff will be able to pin up the garment so you can see exactly how it will look and feel once altered.


Got a dress for your wedding, ball or special occasion, but not quite happy with the fit or want to change something about the design? 


Bring it in to us and we can give some advice on how to make it special for you! 


Our experienced tailors can help tailor your suits for everyday wear or for your special occasion. 


Jacket not fitting right on your shoulders? Sleeves way too long? Or just want that perfect tailored look?


Most pants come in either short or long, no in between, and as everyone is different, finding the right length can be hard to do!


Bring your suit into The Hussif and we will fit it for you, to your liking.


Seams coming loose on your favourite top? Split seam on the back of your pants? Zip is broken? Or worn through? There’s no need to stress, The Hussif at Palmerston North can help you out! Our prompt repair service means we can fix your garment quickly and efficiently, so you can have it on again in no time. Call The Hussif today to find out more.

Home of the original hem

Many of our customers come to us especially for our original hems. We take pride in doing original hems properly, not the quick and easy way.